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The Macsa K-1000 Laser Series is the solution for marking your products with incredibly clear messages at minimal operational costs.

Nominal power models 10 and 30 Watt

Lenses: 60x60, 75x75, 100x100, 150x150, 200x200 and 250x250mm

Laser control using handheld, Touch screen or MARCA Software


IP65 models available

Diode marking area optional


The incredibly compact design along with an adjustable laser marking head ensures that you can install this system on even the most complicated production lines. The laser marking and coding system can even be integrated with other manufacturer’s equipment.


This easy to use laser marking and coding system works through a combination of extremely fast mirror tracking systems and the most modern software and hardware you can be assured of reliable high speed marking.


The latest in laser technology along with the fact that you don’t need expensive replacements results in a laser marking and coding system that requires little maintenance, minimal operational costs and no headaches.


The laser marking process is unimpeded because you do not need an expensive and space consuming PC on the production line. Furthermore in Macsa lasers, with MACSA’s software, you can link several K-1000 laser systems together for even greater control and increased production or to increase the graphic features of the K-1000 laser connecting a PC through the full graphic interface kit.


All of these features ensure that each one of your products is marked with the same high degree of quality and permanence guaranteeing accurate identification for the lifetime of your products.


A wide range of materials can be marked using the K-1000 system including labels, cardboard, PET, glass, coating and wood.





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