Quadrel Range of Label Applicators

Q65 High Performance Label Applicator

The Q65 labeler is a high performance labeling head commonly used in demanding applications that require 24-7 dependability. The integrated controls and U-mount style mounting yoke allow the head to be rotated to label the Top, Side or Bottom of products with no change parts.

SL200 Sleeve
Labeling Applicator

The SL200 Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator can be configured as a full body or mid body shrink sleeve label applicator by simply changing the mandrel and selecting the proper mode in the touch pad control.

Econoline Front/Back Labeling System

The EconoLine labeling system is a compact and economically-priced system that is ideal for applications up to 150 products per minute. EconoLine features a programmable microprocessor control with flash memory.

Proline Inline
Labeling System

This premium quality labeling system sets a new standard for pressure sensitive product decoration. The ProLine labeling system was designed specifically for packagers that require globally supported internationally compliant factory standardization.