KBA-Metronic Product Range

Complete range of Thermal Transfer
Coding Systems .

Thermal Transfer Printers from
KBA-Metronics are powerful printing
devices for high resolution printing
onto flexible packaging materials and
label stock.

Complete range of Inkjet
Coding Systems.

Years of expertise and
experiance with Inkjet printers
deliver accurate print results
even at high production speeds.
AlphaJET models can achieve 1
– 8 line printed images in good
consistent quality onto any
product surface.

Complete range of Multi-line
Thermal Transfer Printers.

Printing width from
53/106/128mm with Printing
Length from 140 ~ 630mm.

KBA Multi-line printers offer wear
free transfer band transport
system and ribbon save
function on all models.

Complete range of
Sleeve/Carton feeder with
multiple coding options.

Feeder can be fitted with either
Thermal Transfer, Inkjet , Hot Foil
or Laser Printer.

The udaFORMAXX system from
KBA-Metronics is the most
flexible Sleeve/Carton feeder in
the marketplace today.